MY/SHX-486 High Speed 15 Yard "Schiffli" Embroidery Machine
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  • MY/SHX-486    165/660*1500


    Main  Application 〉〉

    SHX series is the most productive model, which is specially designed and created with up to 110 speedy heads, upto 15 to 20 yard embroidery on one frame work. It is mainly applicable to high efficiency embroidery on textile and garment, such as curtain, bedding sheet, and lace on lady dress and under wear.  MAYA SHX presents the schiffli machine's efficiency just at the most reasonable embroidery machine's cost and space. Your investment and earnings are secured by expertise of more than 20 years from MAYA.

    Embroidery Gallery 〉〉


    Main Features 〉〉

    ● Maximum running speed at 1200 SPM, practical running speed at 1000 SPM;

    ● Latest original control system by the leading provider of full embroidery solution;

    ● Extremely strong, steady, vibration-proof chassis for speedy, smooth embroidery;

    ● All NEW light designed pantograph assures the smooth stitching on extreme large area;

    ● Double powerful accurate servo motors safeguards the easy running of up to 20 yards fabric works;

    ● Turbo powerful accurate customized servo motor system drives pantrograph in X/Y shaft;

    ● Unique designed speedy (MAYA DS) heads mounting from the front for easy maintenance;

    ● Extra wide linear guide rail with jumbo bearings for precise and durable motion of pantograph;

    ● Separately mounted tension base on upper beam assures the most smooth feeding of thread;

    ● Separately mounted tension base on upper beam assures the easy and accurate color change;

    ● Extra wide thread stand for giant thread bobbin reduces down time of changing upper thread;  

    ● Soundless designed presser foot driving system improves the user's experience;

    ● Easy to adjust the height of presser foot according to different thickness of fabric;

    ● Smooth feeding of embroidery thread on the unique tension base, even metallic thread;

    ● Genuine parts and automatic oiling system safeguards the long lasting 24 hours running;

    ● Intelligent high sensitive thread breakage detection minimizes the chance of a missing stitch;

    * Closed loop stepping motor trimming system for the clean, quiet and stable thread trimming;

    * Steady upper thread holding system let no thread go off after even frequent trimming;

    * Double color change system safeguards the accurate color change on up to 110 heads;

    * Central drive in Y axis guide rail enhances the stability of high speed running;

    * Double drive on main shaft minimizes the twisting force on high speed running;

    * Double Z drive on pantograph guarantees the perfect alignment of large area working;

    * Automatic oiling system is available for much easier lubrication and life expansion;  

    Various optional devices are available upon request. Please refer to Optinal Device;

    (* Starred features are optional or technical requirement. SPM is stitches per minute.)

    Main configurations 〉〉

    ● The latest 10 inch touch screen OP Box, touch the smartest control system ever;

    ● Smaller and lighter, but faster and safer main control system than ever;

    ● Easy to manage embroidery machines and designs by network connection;

    ● Multiple popular languages are available, say NO to language obstacles;

    ● Massive storage memory up to 100 million stitches, and 800 designs, ever more;


    ● Security by wide range of 185V - 265V AC voltage input and automatic shutting down;

    (* more affordable 10 inch and 8 inch non touch screen OP Box are available.)

    ● Multi-task operation, edit designs, modify parameters on the running machine;

    ● Genuine imported Japan-made rotary hook, bobbin cases, bearings and screws;

    (* 1.6x jumbo rotary hook and bobbin case is available to reduce the down time.)

    ● Genuine imported Italy-made or German-made timing belts for X/Y motion;

    ● High precision 1000 resolution embroidery-purpose-customized encoder;

    ● Made of all patented original components of high precision and durability;

    ● Made by all MAYA expertise of more than 20 years in embroidery machines;

    Genuine Quality Parts Applied 〉〉

    3 Genuine Quality Parts无导航条A98操作头.jpg

    SHX Type Regular Models 〉〉  








    Head Space


      Emb. Area


    Frame Length



    SHX-642       6         42     330  660*1500  14220MM15850*3680MM
    SHX-468       4         68     165  660*1500  11745MM13380*3680MM
    SHX-476       4         76     165  660*1500  13065MM14700*3680MM
    SHX-486       4         86     165  660*1500  14715MM16350*3730MM
    SHX-490       4         90     165  660*1500  15375MM17010*3730MM
    SHX-4100       4         100     165  660*1500  17025MM18660*3730MM
    SHX-4110       4         110     165  660*1500  18675MM20310*3730MM
    SHX-3128       3         128     82.5  660*1500  11170MM12800*3730MM
    SHX-3132       3         132     82.5  660*1500  11500MM13130*3730MM
    SHX-638       6         38     400  800*1300  16000MM18070*3510MM

    More affordable Normal Speed (FN) Series is also available. Please refer to  Flat Normal Speed Series.

    *  For Optinal Device Please Refer to Optinal Function

    Production Process 〉〉

    6 production-processes无导航条.jpg

    Factory Glimpse〉〉

    Factory Glimpse.jpg

    Professional Certificates 〉〉

    7 professional certificates无导航条2.jpg

    FAQ Hot Questions 〉〉

    Q: Is MAYA a reliable long-term strategic partner?

    A: Just ask our valued customers, view our company profile, assessment of capability, factory glimpse, and the honors we achieved. And why not contact us or pay a visit to us?


    Q: Can I represent and sell MAYA embroidery machines in my region?

    A: We are recruiting global agents to distribute Maya embroidery machines. Welcome to join Maya and grow to be a strong distributor.


    Q: What supports do I get for representing MAYA embroidery machines?

    A: We provide training for latest technology and embroidery techniques. We assure fast timely delivery of quality guaranteed machines. We offer the most competitive price for agency, and flexible payment term.


    Q: What services will I get with the deal with MAYA?

    A: We are simply at your service: available consultancy before sales, easy communication during sales, easy payment term, smooth and safe delivery of guaranteed quality, and assured timely services after sales.


    Q: How many heads do i need and what embroidery area on each head?

    A: Think: how big is your factory and how much is your expected production? The embroidery area on each head depends on the maximum area of your embroidery design to run.

    Our Service 〉〉

    One Stop Buying. We know and offer what you need. We create machines according to your special demand.

    Fast Delivery. We deliver the customized machines within 30-50 days after down payment, even from stock.

    We provide conditional ONE year warranty and 24 hours online long-distance technical support for lifetime.

    Overseas installation,tuning and training service is also available if necessary, just at minimum cost.

    Our Mission: Customer First, At Your Service, Continuous Improvement, Cooperation and Win-win.